Infrastructure Solutions

Medium Voltage Solutions

  • Electrical Cabling and Infrastructure Cabling for Buildings
  • Transformer Systems
  • Lightning Rod and Grounding Services
  • Control and Automation Panels
  • Switches and Distribution Panels
  • Reactive Power Control Panels
  • UPS, Air Conditioning, Fire Fighting Systems
  • Energy Monitoring and Tracking Systems
  • Compensation Panels
  • Lighting
  • Data Center Design

Weak Current Solutions

  • CCTV and Security Camera Systems
  • Fire, Gas, Alarm and Warning Systems
  • Access Control Systems and Solutions
  • Biometric Control Systems and Solutions
  • Environment and Fence Security Systems
  • HVAC Automation
  • Intercom, Voice Alarm and Public Address System
  • Communication, Surveillance and Protection Poles Application Solutions
  • Smart Building Management Systems
  • Simultaneous Translation Systems
  • Personnel Attendance and Tracking Systems
  • Security Control Systems
  • Parking and Plate Recognition Systems

Network Solutions

  • Wireless Network Systems
  • Network Management and Monitoring Systems
  • LAN Systems
  • Wide Network Systems
  • Server Chamber Installation and Regulation Systems
  • Cabinet Assembly and Supply Systems
  • Patch Panel, Switch Assembly and Test Systems